The fight for Human rights in America and the world

The united states of America being one of the countries at the frontline of human rights protection has some of the strongest advocates of the same. These groups are formed by individuals who come together to ensure that the civil liberties and rights of each and every individual are protected as envisioned in the constitution.

This individual may be at times be immigrants who are some of the most venerable members of the community as some may not have the required paperwork to be in the country and to this end their rights when violated they may feel like they have no right or recourse. Fortunately, the groups below are some of the best in fighting for their rights.

They include Border Angels who also go by the name ‘Angeles de Frontera’. They are a non-profit charitable organization located in San-Diego which was founded by Enrique Morones back in the year 1986. They focus on immigration reforms, migrant right and also work towards prevention of immigrant deaths along our borders.

They work mainly through community education and various awareness programs giving guided trips to the various desert migrant crossing routes and leaving behind water for hydration purposes.

The group is also very involved in the San Diego County’s immigrant population they have begun various outreach programs.

Through their program, they have been able to give out more than forty-five tons of donated books, food, toys and clothing to migrants.working with other volunteers Border Angels were able to provide a counterpoint to anti-immigration protesters when they demonstrated while trying to block migrants who were arriving and being processed in Murrieta, California. American Civil Liberties Union ACLU. This is an immigrant’s Rights project which is one of the best and most vocal advocates for the rights of immigrants.

The group is also very passionate about prevention of discrimination in any form of migrants and other vulnerable communities. In the last twenty-five years, they have fought to protect every right and freedom each immigrant is entitled to they have been able to use public outreach, targeted impact proceeding and promotions. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Twitter

The organization has taken part in most major legal battles fought on behalf of immigrants’ rights they have put their focus on challenging laws that continuously execute indefinite and mandatory confinement, reject immigrants access to our justice system, as well as discriminate based on nationality.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund The Frontera fund was founded on a 3.75 million dollar settlement that was a result of a settlement between the Maricopa County and the duo of Lacey and Larkin.

The sheriff had conducted an arbitrary arrest and then gone to charge the two in court after the collapse of that case the two would later sue the county and it’s then that the ninth circuit court ruled that their rights had been infringed upon resulting in the settlement.

The Frontera Fund has set its sights and energies on supporting groups that advocate for migrant human and civil rights.They are also keen on advocating for the freedom of speech throughout Arizona especially on “la línea fronteriza”.They have been very instrumental in fighting for families facing deportation.

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