The charitable giving by Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos rose to fame internationally following her generous nature. At the moment, she serves as the United States’ 11th Educational Secretary after the confirmation Donald Trump’s confirmation on February 2017. This adds up to her patriotic duties that she often participates.


Apart from the DeVos family’s expenditure worth millions of dollars throughout the country, Betsy Devos together with Dick DeVos who is her husband has additionally offered tens of millions alongside their fortune via a foundation that is philanthropic whose establishment happened in the year 1989.


Notably, the latest tax forms of the foundation outline that the Family Foundation of Dick and Betsy donated an amount exceeding $10 million in the year 2015 to various organizations. Additionally, they pledged another $3.2 million in the form of grants whose payment is to be done in the years to come.


Through the approval of $400,000, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation funded Loudspeaker Media Inc. thus helping Campbell Brown who formerly served as a CNN anchor in the launching of her educational site by the name The 74. Recently, Brown preferred recusing herself from the editorial engagement of the coverage of her platform regarding DeVos. Some days to make his decision, Brown became an author of the op-ed in conjunction of The 74. His role gave a lot of praises to DeVos. The Partnership for Educational Justice is another Brown’s firm and is a non-profit making one. It also benefited $400,000 from the Foundation.


In 2015, the Success Academy Charter Schools acquired $150,000 courtesy of the foundation. This adds up to the other $150,000 that gained approval for future payment. Eva Moskowitz refers to the founder of the New York City charter school chain. Notably, she was among those considered to occupy the position of the Education Secretary under Trump’s leadership. It is remarkable that she tweeted to have been thrilled by the pick of DeVos. Additionally, GREAAT Schools, Inc., refers to a management firm of the charter schools and is non-profit making. It also gained a donation of $5,000 from the Foundation of Devos Family.


The Potter’s House refers to a Christian School found in Grand Rapids in Michigan that benefited from its receipt of $200,000 in the year 2015 courtesy of the DeVos Family Foundation. In the course of her interview with the Philanthropy Roundtable, she gave credit to her former visit to the institution quite a while back. It helped in sparking her interest alongside the advocacy about school choice.


The Alliance for School Choice has a close association related to work with the Children’s American Federation. It benefited from the $100,000 that Betsy and her husband gave.


Other beneficiaries include conservative organizations, Colleges and Universities, the educational teams that are Christian-related, and John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.


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