The Career Path of Dr. Mark McKenna as an Entrepreneur

Dr. Mark McKenna is a well-trained medical doctor who specializes is operational activities. He prides himself on being a licensed surgery and medicine practitioner by the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. Dr. Mark earns respect for his dedication towards the community, which makes him an incredible reputation in the medical industry. Doctor McKenna spent his childhood days in New Orleans, LA where he was privileged to attend Tulane University Medical School to pursue his interests in surgery and medicine. He is a medical doctor who fights for rights of patients in Georgia and Florida.

Upon completion of his university education, Dr. Mark enrolled in his father’s firm where he started practicing medicine. He acquired savings, which helped him to launch McKenna Venture Investments while he was working with his dad. His business interests focused in the real estate development industry. Dr. McKenna’s success in the corporate world spearheaded him to acquire and launch another firm, Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. His entrance into the corporation resulted in the growth of the company, increasing employee population to over fifty. The firm provided services in turnkey building and design, finance and real estate closing services across the New Orleans.

Doctor Mark’s business investments got destroyed on August 2005 by a storm, Hurricane Katrina that encountered the city. The aftermath of the storm spearheaded him to rebuild homes that catered for the low-moderate income earners. A year later the medical doctor shifted his business interests to the health industry in Atlanta, where he established a wellness and aesthetic medical practice- ShapeMed. Dr. McKenna then sold his idea a month later to Life Time Fitness Inc. NYSE-LTM). The company gave him an employment opportunity to serve as the national medical director because of his experience in the healthcare industry. The medical doctor resigned from the firm in July 2016 and established his own healthcare company, OVME. Despite being the founder, Dr. Mark served the company as the chief executive officer. His career path as medical practioner and an entrepreneur hugely influences individuals who live in Atlanta, Georgia, and New Orleans.