Personal Information About Dick DeVos

Richard Marvin DeVos Jr. was born on 21st October 1955. DeVos is a Democrat whom I find being very influential. The father of four is happily married to Betsy DeVos, currently serving in the American ministry of education as the secretary. The Michigan-based entrepreneur attended school at Northwood University, where he earned his bachelor’s in business administration. He is recognized at Northwood as a distinguished alumnus. As well, Mr. DeVos pursued honorary doctoral degrees from Grove City College, Central Michigan University, and Northwood University yet again. His consistency in pursuing significant initiatives has proved he is a leader of great influence and knowledge.

Dick and Betsy DeVous Reveal About Their $139M Contribution in Philanthropy

If Dick and Betsy were to sum up the amount they have spent on charitable initiatives, the budget would rise to over $139 million. It is not anywhere near the few million dollars they have spent bankrolling political endeavors. They have always funneled millions of dollars to their foundation. Their association website reveals that they spent over $11.6 million on charity in 2015. When being vetted for her cabinet minister’s post, Betsy clarified on their spending towards politics. Only $5.3 million was spent on funding campaigns.

In most cases, Dick and his wife incline towards education in their financing of programs. From the $11.6 million spent in 2015, over $3 million was allotted to educational causes. From my calculations, that makes it 26percent of their annual charitable budget. Also, they gave out $357,000 to groups supporting reforms in the education sector. The donations were made through their organization. It came to their realization that the schooling system in the US was not ideal for the children. On an interview with MLive, DeVos said that the children tended to grow up in “the Wrong ZIP Codes.” According to him, they were unable to gain access to the bigger American dream.

The DeVos’ Observations on the Public Education Platforms

As Mr. DeVous says, their primary goal of choice is to confront the loopholes in the public education platform. They employ a “one-size fits all” model that only keeps ailing the sector. From his observation, the poor school system tends to pour cold water on the diligent educator’s efforts. The moment a better system gets implemented, the talented teachers will have it easy reaching every child and impacting them academically. I am convinced that people like the DeVos’s are the ideal minds to place in the education sector.


Dick and Betsy are an amazing couple. Their passion for service is out of this world. Over the years, they have been in selfless service, delivering top-quality services. Their minds incline towards development and success of every American child, which I find being an exciting move.

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