Of Don Ressler And His Successes In Online-Based Businesses

Success in business is a factor of several things one of them being the creativity the entrepreneur holds as well as his/her ability to traverse through the many challenges the environment offers. Many businesses at https://www.crunchbase.com/person/don-ressler/timeline that are successful in the online arena were built over many years and are the result of creative and prudent decision making.

Entrepreneurs like Don Ressler offer upcoming entrepreneurs insight into the things they need to emerge leaders in the online world of business. He has maintained his passion for business for more than one decade and the many successes he has earned all along came from learning and many trials.

Don Ressler kicked his career off as an entrepreneur when he came up with FitnessHeaven.com, which stocked fitness products. The company allowed him to get the real experience of running a business in the complex online world on linkedin.com. Don Ressler, although he had to overcome many challenges, managed to rank the company in the competitive environment and after more than three years, he was able to see some success.

At this point the motivation to do better kicked in and he decided to sell the company to Intermix Media in 2001. While he was transacting the deal on TechStyle.com, he happened to interact with Adam Goldenberg, whose ideas matched well with those of Ressler. They agreed to try their hand in business together and the first company they launched was Alena Media. Alena Media specialized in advertising for small and medium size businesses.

This performance was a motivating factor and to explore their potential further, they sold Alena Media in 2005. Selling the company on Huffington Post would allow them to get the needed capital to facilitate the development of their next idea.

Another business Don Ressler and Adam launched and one that has been performing well is JustFab, an online retail subscription store. Founded in 2010, the company has grown from a small entity to become the most preferred subscription outlet across Europe. To facilitate all this growth, they had to go for funding, which began in 2011 with $33 million from Matrix Ventures. During the year that followed, they proceeded to several venture capitals and were awarded $76 million, which helped to develop the company to enter other markets like Germany and the UK.

Billy McFarland is Focused on Bringing New York Together

When he launched his Magnises credit card, Billy McFarland was asked why it was just targeted at people who lived in New York City. Wouldn’t that just cut back on how many people could use it? Wouldn’t it limit the card’s potential?

Though the idea behind the card was to grow and expand the influence it had — it’s now moved out of just New York — part of the reason at the beginning was simply that Billy McFarland felt that it fit best with people in NYC. It was a card aimed at them and designed for them. The perks that it handed out were created with the New York social scene in mind.

Part of the hope here is that it can help bring New York together. It’s also been targeted at people in their 20s. These are typically young professionals, with a few college students perhaps thrown into the mix. They’re people that are in the same social groups. It’s a card with a very specific market in mind, and, if people in that group start using the card, it could help to bring them together by giving them similar perks and driving their social lives in that fashion.

The proof of that concept is in this one simple fact: McFarland built a clubhouse for the members. There are televisions on the walls, leather couches, and drink options. It’s a high-end space for people to socialize, and the appeal is that it’s exclusive.

That will bring the members together, get them to meet, and create all sorts of new relationships. This is perhaps best for people in their mid 20s who are used to having that type of social life in college, but who now lack it after graduation.

In any case, McFarland has claimed that his card is doing things that other cards simply aren’t doing in the modern day, and he’s right. These are serious perks that can’t be found anywhere else, pushing the card into the news and into wallets at the same time.

David Osio Comes Out To Oversee The Lauch Of Real Estate Application

Investing in real estate has become a norm and many people who enter into the industry are not skilled or informed well about its highs and lows and how to go about them. This is the reason some make losses and after a short period then exit the scene. However, with the right support and after consulting with experienced professionals, it can be easy to make it in the real estate industry.


The Davos Financial Group has gained a reputation for offering reliable financial advisory services and supporting upcoming entrepreneurs in the real estate industry to plan their investment well. The company has come up with reliable procedures that are designed to help those looking to invest in real estate.


Recently, the CEO of the group, David Osio took part in ceremonies that were organized to launch a new mobile application that will make it easier for clients to transact or manage their preferences. The aim of the company is to bring closer to the client the services they need to make wise investment decisions.


Through the application, one can request for information about a specified unit and there are links to professionals within the company who are able to respond to problems within few hours. Unlike with the traditional procedures, transacting will not have to be a long process since all the information required is shared through the platform. The company has also designed a system that will allow one to compare deals and fill their preferences to receive messages regarding new assets uploaded to the system.


About David Osio

David J. Osio is an entrepreneur and the founder of Davos Financial Group, a financial advisory firm that serves the Venezuela market. He founded his firm in 1993 and he has maintained the commitment to offer financial advice and support to customers looking to make prudent investment decisions.


He has managed the company well and kept it profitable for the period he has worked as the CEO and he is looking to expand into other markets like the U.S. David Osio has also created economic opportunities for the needy and he contributes to charity while supporting different organizations like the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation and Fundana Foundation.


The Significance of Investment Banks Such as Martin Lustgarten

The success of a nation is dependent on the aggregate sum of different sectors of the economy. The central bank plays a crucial role in enhancing monetary and fiscal measures of any country. At the center of all these transactions are the investment banks. Commercial banks also are important as they take deposits from the public besides issuing loans to companies and individuals.

Banking is wide as it incorporates different aspects. Investment banks seek to provide capital for government, companies and high-worth clients. Investment banks aid clients in underwriting new debts and equity securities. These clients include all corporations both private and public. Investment banks can raise large amounts of capital required by different institutions. To this end, they play a crucial role in ensuring that the different corporations in need of such capital execute capital-intensive activities.

Investment banks are known to aid in trading of securities. Security trading entails many risks. These banks have the capacity and expertise to handle such risks. In addition, they help different companies in overseeing successful mergers and acquisitions. Investment banks provide advisory services to companies intending to make strategic business acquisitions. Most investment bankers are well versed in broad investment undertakings, thus well positioned to guide corporations in need of effective re-engineering.

In local and international market, investment banks engage in broker trades and reorganizations for private and institutional investors. These services require high levels of expertise, which can only be availed by investment banks. Investment bankers are in a position to advice investors on matters of stock issue and placement as well as the best practices in stock markets. Investment bankers are individuals who have extensive background in various fields.

About Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is a renowned investment bank that provides various services to its clients around the world. These services include financial opinions, valuation, merger and acquisition and financial advisory services. The corporation has made strategic partnerships with various middle-market organizations in different industries. Martin Lustgarten has learnt how to analyze the needs of each client in order to have the best match between sellers and buyers, create adequate capitalization structures and arrange for appropriate financing. The investment bank’s extensive network, investment banking services, professional depth and independent valuation services, have enhanced its success in the competitive market.

Martin Lustgarten’s professional depth objectives incorporate decades of experience, unparalleled leadership, highest levels of professional standards and a national footprint. Its extensive network includes comprehensive resources, interactions with high-level decision makers and diverse contacts. The bank’s investment banking services includes ESOP advisory, financial restructuring, raising of capital and private placement services.

InnovaCare Health Advances Through The Leadership Of Penelope Kokkinides And Rick Shinto

Over the past one decade, there have been many changes in the healthcare industry and companies that deal with physician practice services have been compelled to change their policies and systems to fit in the new system on Facebook. Some of the changes that have occurred reflect the dedication the government has put to providing better healthcare insurance, so Medicare and Medicaid programs have been transformed tremendously.

InnovaCare Health is among companies that have been in the managed healthcare industry for years and they are also among those that have changed their system to reflect the new era of healthcare provision. The company has benefitted a lot from the focused leadership team that has steered processes for many years. InnovaCare Health has drafted policies that include the re-design of the execution process of different tasks in a bid to allow customers to receive timely and cost effective services.

Rick Shinto
Rick Shinto is the Chief Executive Officer of the company and the few years he has worked at InnovaCare Health have displayed success and dedication to transforming healthcare. He is an experienced clinical medicine professional who has also authored books in different topics.

Before he was appointed the CEO at InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto was working as the CEO of Aveta Inc. Aveta Inc., is a healthcare services provider and he worked at the company from 2008 till 2012 when he advanced his career by joining InnovaCare Health.

Penelope Kokkinides
Penelope Kokkinides was appointed the Chief Administrative Officer of the company in the same period when Rick Shinto joined InnovaCare Health. He is a focused professional whose impact at the company has seen new products get to the market and better procedures introduced. He also served at Aveta Inc., as the deputy of Rick Shinto within the same period.

InnovaCare Health
InnovaCare Health, based in Puerto Rico, is an established Medicare Advantage plans provider with influence across North America. The company has earned a reputation for streamlining the service delivery process and ensuring customers enjoy easy time whenever they order for services. InnovaCare Health has developed a technological system that makes it easy for customers to access the plans they need at cheaper rates.

Know more: http://www.bizjournals.com/potmsearch/detail/submission/6104172/Penelope_Kokkinides

Town Residential Plans for the future; Haute Living

There are many reasons that lead people to real estate as their choice of investment. These include the fact that the gap between the demands for real estate property never seems to get closed. Then, there is the fact that the cost of property keeps appreciating each passing day and if the predictions are anything to go by, property will cost much more in the years to come than it costs today. One of the companies that realized the potential in this field is Town Residential.

The company was started in 2011 and has been making huge steps in developing their investment since then. The latest project that they have undertaken is what they are calling Hudson Yards. This is a development project that will take place at the heart of New York City. The company decided to look into the now very famous concept of luxury real estate, but with their own twist. The twist is the fact that instead of having all the apartments be high end, they are going to combine the property types such that everyone that wishes to become part of the community can identify with an aspect of it, regardless of where they come from.

The project will cost the company a whopping $25billion. When the CEO and president of Town Residential were asked how he intends to get financing for the project, he stated that they were already in talks with several people to help them fund the project. It is being speculated that the funding will come from foreign sources. The projected success of the project has people believing that the investment will go well.

The project will be created such that every person and their lifestyle can be accommodated there. When asked about the plan, the CEO stated that they were planning to combine many concepts. For instance, they are planning to have different house types with different price tags. When it comes to the amenities, the complex will house a casino and a yoga studio. This means that regardless of your lifestyle, you will find something that suits your style in the complex.

About Andrew Heiberger

He has been the brain behind the growth and success of the business since it was started. Under his innovative leadership, the business has acquired over 500 representatives and all of them are licensed. The company was launched in 2010 and has transacted more than $9.5 billion in real estate investments. From the beginning, the aim of the company had been to redefine the manner in which they deliver their services to their clientele, and they have managed to do that while remaining competitive in the real estate market.

This include his first startup when he was fresh out of college; Citi Habitats. It was a residential property brokerage firm. His investment portfolio indicates that he is a strategic planner and when he decided to deal in a certain sector, he makes sure he has attained success in it.


Chicago-Based Madison Street Capital Is Nominated For Another M&A Award

The corporate world is an ever changing capitalistic vehicle, and that vehicle is going through a major metamorphosis in 2016. The United States election process has reached a new low in integrity and ethical behavior. The corporate world is feeling the impact of the boldness and crassness of both candidates. The U.S. election process will forever be changed after the results of this election are known. The corporate world may be torn apart by the lack of support it receives from the government and the people.

In order to stay competitive, companies must join together to weather an economic storm that could turn into a financial hurricane.

There have been several mega-merger deals in 2016. Not all of those deals have been approved because they represent a breakdown in fair competition and consumer safety. But there is one merger and acquisition company that continues to put M&A deals together that help consumers and the employees that come together in those mergers. That company is Chicago-based Madison Street Capital.

Madison Street Capital is known as a boutique investment company that puts companies together that are in the $100 million to $500 million category. Madison Street Capital’s CEO, Charles Botchway told benzinga.com that his firm closed 32 merger and acquisition deals in 2015, and 2016 will be another good year for the company. Benzinga.com recently published an article about Madison Street Capital’s nomination as a finalist in the 15th annual M&A Advisor Awards. The M&A Advisor Awards are considered the pinnacle of achievement in the merger and acquisition industry.

The Madison Street Capital nomination is for an international merger between Acuna & Asociados S.A. and Dowco. Dowco has been a long time Madison Street Capital client. Senior Managing Director Karl D’Cunha is responsible for putting the transaction together, according to the Benzinga.com article. That merger was actually in the under $100 million category.

CEO Charles Botchway and COO Anthony Marsala have been receiving awards for their outstanding work in the financial industry for the last four years. Marsala has been in the news for putting together emerging market merger and acquisitions, and he has received industry recognition for his achievements in that market. Mr. Marsala thinks more companies in India and the United Kingdom will merge because India’s GDP continues to outpace other countries, and the UK needs positive partners to weather the Brexit situation. But Marsala and his team are also working with other Mexican companies that want to have a presence in the United States and Europe. Madison Street Capital’s executive team is set to start 2017 with M&A deals that will help companies get more exposure around the globe.

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When The Smoke Clears And The Awards Are Given

There’s a time for everything under the sun. That includes a time in the month of November when people are remembered. Roughly every week of November celebrates achievements of the recent year. The celebration we bring to attention today is for the financial world. You might have seen it on TV.

The reality is that investing is a large part of economic expansion, and there are a number of great people involved in that progress. These people also need to be recognized. But the personal achievements of financial professionals are not all we should put on “center stage.”

The long list of achievements made in finance are often done by firms and agencies also. These groups and banks set the tone for each generation. Though citizens of the world, who are not employed in finance, find many investing groups to be scandalous, money is often far from that observation.

There’s a great deal of order and progression that earning wages and improving investments provide to people of all walks of life. There’s no shortage in the improvements that better earnings can make to a person’s life. What we’ll acknowledge in this month are contributions in the professional world of finance.

This includes the performance of individuals, agencies and even governing bodies within the international market. And among all of these, there’s one name that stands out. Madison Street Capital is that name. This investment banking firm has grown strongly in the financial world and from its headquarters in New York City.

The firm currently holds two nominations for 2016 awards. Professionals in finance aren’t surprised. The agency feels honored to appear as a nominee again. For this year’s 2016 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards, the New York Athletic Club will be the hosting venue. The date is set for November, 9, 2016.

This Wednesday spectacular will resolve Madison Street Capital’s nominations. The two nominated awards for the agency are the International and Industrial Deal of the Year award and the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year award. For years, the Madison agency has excelled in banking on an international front.

Part of its reputation is grounded in great financial advice, mergers and acquisitions; financial advisory services, valuation, leadership roles and financial opinions. The firm is often recognized for its ability to work in all time zones and without delay. It’s the work ethic behind Madison Capital the enables it to excel.

The agency itself is excited about recent news and looks forward to taking home more recognition from the November, 9, 2016 event ahead.

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Solvy is the Solution for Math Problems

Math can cause a lot of problems for students who are in grade school and high school. Alexei Beltyukov recognized this and knew that something had to be done so that students didn’t just search for the answers on the Internet to only get the answers that they had found.

When students cannot find the answer to their math problem, they go to the search engines. This means that they often only get the answer to the problem and not the way to get to that answer. Alexei Beltyukov saw this as a problem and wanted to change things for students.

He wanted them to be able to see the answer to the problems, as well as the way to get there. He wanted students to be able to get the answer and the work that comes along with getting the answer to different math problems.

Teachers don’t always have the time that it takes to dedicate all of their help to each individual student. This leaves them trying to make sure that they are helping people out and some students are unable to learn as much as they should in the math classes that they are in.

Alexei Beltyukov wants to help students have many different problems with math classes. For this reason, there are many options for students to choose from when they visit Solvy. This allows them to find the solutions that they need for all of the math problems that they have no matter what class they are in.

When it comes to business, Alexei Beltyukov knows a few things. He has been an entrepreneur for the majority of his career and he has come up with many different businesses.

Solvy is the first things that he created to help students because he knows that it is necessary to have the help of all of the Internet to get the right answers and the right work to various math problems.

Covers; the Leading Source of Sports Betting News, Tips and Reviews

Under normal circumstances, the college basketball season begins in October and end in July. Being a long season, it is a perfect opportunity for basketball fans to make some money, through betting. However, you first need to learn how to wager in college basketball games before you venture into sports betting. When two teams are playing, many of the people betting on the game are more likely to choose the stronger team, if the betting option was only ‘pick to win’. In such a case, the sports books will stand to make huge loses when there are too many bets on a single team. To solve this problem, the sports betting houses have introduced spread bets. In this case, the victory margin for any game is used to determine the winners of the bet. However, there are other wager types offered in basketball betting, some of which include:

– Moneyline
In this wager type, the sports books offer various odds based on which team will win. The moneyline odds offered for college basketball games where strong teams face-off against weaker teams are often very drastic.

– Spread
The teams playing college games are given 24 seconds to score for every possession. As such, the games can turn out to be high scoring affairs. As a result of the high scores, the leading bookmarkers use a spread/line to harmonize the chances of either team winning. While a15+ point spread may be hard to come by in the NFL, they are common in college basketball odds betting.

While these are the two main wager types in college basketball betting, you may also use parlay/teaser, halftime lines and 1st half lines/ quarter wagers to place a bet in college basketball games. Regardless of the type of wager you have decided to use, opting for the best sports books will enhance your chances of winning. In this regard, covers offers the information you need to make an informed decision.

In addition to offering some of the best basketball odds, covers sports betting presents comprehensive and accurate gaming statistics and information. Covers is a preferred source of information for beginners as well as experienced sports betters today. This may be attributed to the fact that it is managed by skilled and experienced staff and features regular coverage of events and news in the sports industry. Additionally, covers offers detailed reviews as well as rankings of the best sports books.