Omar Boraie , The Reason For The Development Of Real Estate In New Brunswick

Omar Boraie is the man and the reason behind the development of the city of New Brunswick. The president of Boraie Development, Omar is a man who has pioneered some of the company’s most ambitious real estate projects in the past few years. Omar came to the United States from Egypt, while he was pursuing his Ph.D. in chemistry. He then decided to take on the family business and expand it overseas for the development of New Brunswick. Visit his Crunchbase for more info.

Boraie Development is a company that has been part of Omar’s family for over three generations. Creating iconic properties is one of the specialties of the Boraie family business. When Omar was looking out for a place to expand the business, he wasn’t just seeking to transform one building, but an entire neighborhood. He chooses the city of New Brunswick because of the enormous amount of potential he saw in the city. Under the company, Omar transformed the city, building by building, making it what it is today, reports by NJBiz.

The first project by Boraie Development was completed in 2007 and was followed by numerous subsequent projects in the area. These new buildings comprised of a healthy mix of commercial as well as residential properties. Omar didn’t just want to make the city a beautiful place to live, but so much more. He wanted to make it a hub of commercial development, having some of the best facilities. The company has opened up a significant number of office spaces all over the city to give brands and businesses a place to set up their bases to contribute to the overall development of the community.

Omar believes in upholding the standards the family has laid down for this company since its inception. He also is of the opinion that for his business to succeed, he needs to form good relations with the customers who are coming to him. Omar, therefore, set in place a highly efficient customer care team who ensure that all the clients coming to them get exactly what they are looking for.

Omar was also the pioneer of one of the biggest buildings in the city, The Aspire. The project was a 238 story residential complex that is almost like a mini town in itself, with virtually every amenity a person would need, right from health complexes to roof decks.

One of the reasons Omar has been able to develop so many properties all over the city is because he believes in only working with partners and banks who he trust, and where he knows someone personally. He is of the opinion that good partners are essential to the success of the project, and hence stresses on its implementation when it comes to his company.

When not trying to meet the goals he has set for himself and the company, Omar is busy helping the community and the people of New Brunswick. Omar is one of the main reasons behind the establishment of numerous medical facilities all over the city. He also started NGO’s for the benefit of disadvantaged people.

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