Madison Street Capital Secures ARIES Deal

According to a press release posted online in January this year, Madison Street Capital was one of the key players behind the successful deal reached by the clients ARES Security Corporation and Corbel Structured Equity Partners. In the deal, Madison Street Capital played the role of key financial advisor (actually the exclusive financial advisor) and was charged with the responsibility of negotiating subordinated debt investment as well as minority on behalf of the clients.

The announcement of the deal was made in a press conference that was attended by the presidents of both companies involved and was announced by the Madison Street Capita CEO Charles Botchway. Speakers and representatives lauded the deal as a huge milestone that had taken considerable effort to pull together but which they expected would in time gradually be able to improve the fortunes of both companies.

In the words of the current Ares Security Shareholder and President Mr. Ben Eazzatta, their company was thoroughly impressed by Madison Street Capital reputation and the work that their team members had put into making the deal a reality. He was particularly grateful for the valuation analysis, due diligence and the process of eventually raising the capital as contributed to by the later company over the year 2016 when the deal was being worked on. The press release went on to further reveal that Aries Security had chosen to go with Corbel because their evaluation clearly showed that they presented the best option for creating equity value of more significance.

Although this may probably be one of the biggest deals that Madison Street Capital has handled this year, this is definitely not the company’s first rodeo. It is an internationally recognized investment bank with operations in and across most of the biggest cities in the world. Among the services that the company provides include valuations for both private and public companies, financial opinions, handling of mergers and acquisitions as well as many more.

The main head offices of Madison Street Capital are located in Chicago, Illinois and therefore it did not come as much of a surprise that this is also where the press release was made. In addition to their main headquarters the company also has additional offices located in North America, Asia and Africa as well. Over the years the company seems to have shifted more of its focus towards what have come to be referred to as middle market investment banking services.


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