Fabletics Takes on Reverse Showroom Technology

Ever realized how it is challenging to decide on what to wear, where to get it and choosing the right store that offers both quality and value for money? Women are usually at crossroads when it comes to choosing the right clothing, and they may end up being frustrated when locating a convenient store. However, before you wear a grim visage, Fabletics Company has responded to your shopping frustrations. The company offers consumers with a wide range of yoga pants, bras, joggers, leggings, and other sports accessories. Fabletics has employed the reverse showroom technology that allows the consumers to buy goods from the online store instead of browsing them, and later getting them from other stores.

Unlike other competitors who are having a rough time by showrooming, Fabletics has exploited the reverse showroom technology to increase sales. Most of the consumers browse products posted online and purchase them from other stores. Fabletics has transformed this behavior to fruitful browsing. In a reverse showroom, Fabletics ensures that any clothing tried on by a consumer goes into their cart. The information helps the company to build relationships with the customers by ensuring that they are informed on the products that befits their lifestyle. It has also increased the number of loyal customers who purchase items from the company’s platform.

  • What is Kate’s take on Fabletics?

Kate Hudson has a remarkably positive take on the Fabletics products. In the marketing world, you might have noticed that celebrities may not use the products that they advertise in real life. This is an expression that they are in business but do not buy into the idea of the line of products that they promote. Kate is different. It is not unusual to see her or her kids visiting the gym in Fabletics gear.

Kate also enthralls the brand with her love for authenticity. To her, authenticity has to be the core selling point. She demonstrates this by regularly looking at the sales records to evaluate the volumes. She is also a critical stakeholder I the design since the management trusts her trendy lifestyle that she embeds in sportswear. She takes pride in the business expansion, and she is not expected to quit her job yet.

  • Why do you need a lifestyle quiz?

Do you know your workout style? Do you know that this determines the right gear for you? Do no bombard yourself with tough questions since Fabletics give you an opportunity to know your style through the lifestyle quiz. The quiz helps you to choose the right gear depending on the type of workout that gets you into the gym. In just six steps, you get to choose the appropriate gear with a blend of comfort, color, size, and price!