Doe Deere Savoir Flair Recap

They say that successful people have their routines down to a science. That certainly seems to be true with Doe Deere, founder of the colorful cult cosmetics line Lime Crime. In a recent interview with Savoir Flair, the self-made woman reveals the morning routine that helps her set a successful path for each day.


First, Doe Deere says she naturally wakes up at 8:30 am. She never uses an alarm and also tries to get 9 hours of sleep per night, which she claims is the secret to her flawless skin! Upon getting out of bed, she drinks a full glass of water to ensure she is well hydrated after sleep. Then, she does a few stretches. Next, Doe makes herself breakfast of grits, yogurt, fruit, or freshly squeezed juice from her own orange tree. She says taking time to eat a leisurely breakfast while gazing out the window helps her face the day.


Though as an entrepreneur she is often tied to her phone to keep track of her schedule and answer questions, Doe tries to be free of “digital information” in the morning. Instead, she uses this time to clear her brain and tap into her creativity. Morning is a great time for her to think up new ideas for Lime Crime! While she gets ready Doe likes to listen to music. One of her favorites is “Abbey Road” by The Beatles.


Then Doe moves on to her skincare and makeup routine. She begins by washing her face, then moisturizing. After that, she applies foundation and powder, then moves on to filling in her eyebrows. Finally, she puts on blush and lipstick. She usually uses red or pink lipsticks, with “Rustic”, “Red Velvet,” and “Pink Velvet” from Lime Crime’s Matte Velvetine range being her favorite shades. Doe says she loves putting on makeup because it gives her a bit of “me time” in her day. Instead of showering in the mornings, she does so in the evening so she can just quickly curl her hair and run out the door.


Before leaving the house, Doe likes to play with her two Persian cats. Then she goes to the office around noon where she eats lunch and catches up with her team. She attends meetings most of the day and tries to leave the office around 6 pm. But Doe says she may stay as late as midnight if she’s “on a roll!”

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