Cotemar Continues Topping the Energy Sector in Mexico

Cotemar is a top energy corporation in Mexico that was established in 1979 and is headquartered in Ciudad Carmen, Mexico. The company offers a broad range of offshore services such as drilling rigs, transportation, food and accommodation services, construction, maintenance, and renovations. The company is equipped with a fleet of specialized vessels such as submersibles, barges, fire-fighting vessels, tow ships and boats offering accommodation, entertainment, and food to its personnel.


Cotemar boasts of a team of approximately 4,000 highly skilled personnel with a great understanding of the activities within the industry. Moreover, the staff are well compensated and are offered laundry services, food, accommodation as well as various entertainment alternatives like gyms, movie theater and basketball courts by the company. Motivated employees are significant for any business and Cotemar is prosperous and top of its game because of their staff.


In the beginning, Cotemar was mainly focused on offering accommodation and catering services to the energy industry. However, in 1981 the company expanded its operations to include services like transportation of both its staff and materials. Moreover, in 1985 the company got its first rig to offer catering services. Later on in 1988 Cotemar managed to get five more rigs as well as three specialized vessels, which facilitated the corporation to increase its range of services and clients.


In 2012, the company invested in more specialized crane and upgraded its personnel, and through this, it was able to offer transportation of both solids and liquid materials. Cotemar began the construction of Atlantis in 2013 and later joined the onshore upstream sector. 2016 was a significant year for the energy company as it was awarded the Cuichapa Poniente are a contract.


Most prominent establishments are based on solid company values, and Cotemar is no different. Firstly, It is reliable. The success attained by Cotemar since its inception is owed to its commitment to live up to its company values, which includes being accountable for its activities such that both its clientele and the community as a whole are satisfied. Secondly, it upholds Integrity by ensuring its entire stakeholders act in a moral, honest and reliable manner at all times. Thirdly, Cotemar boasts on its innovativeness as it is always finding fresh ways of handling its everyday activities and as such generating various alternatives to produce more value for its clients. The other company value at Cotemar is humility.


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