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Town Residential Plans for the future; Haute Living

There are many reasons that lead people to real estate as their choice of investment. These include the fact that the gap between the demands for real estate property never seems to get closed. Then, there is the fact that the cost of property keeps appreciating each passing day and if the predictions are anything to go by, property will cost much more in the years to come than it costs today. One of the companies that realized the potential in this field is Town Residential.

The company was started in 2011 and has been making huge steps in developing their investment since then. The latest project that they have undertaken is what they are calling Hudson Yards. This is a development project that will take place at the heart of New York City. The company decided to look into the now very famous concept of luxury real estate, but with their own twist. The twist is the fact that instead of having all the apartments be high end, they are going to combine the property types such that everyone that wishes to become part of the community can identify with an aspect of it, regardless of where they come from.

The project will cost the company a whopping $25billion. When the CEO and president of Town Residential were asked how he intends to get financing for the project, he stated that they were already in talks with several people to help them fund the project. It is being speculated that the funding will come from foreign sources. The projected success of the project has people believing that the investment will go well.

The project will be created such that every person and their lifestyle can be accommodated there. When asked about the plan, the CEO stated that they were planning to combine many concepts. For instance, they are planning to have different house types with different price tags. When it comes to the amenities, the complex will house a casino and a yoga studio. This means that regardless of your lifestyle, you will find something that suits your style in the complex.

About Andrew Heiberger

He has been the brain behind the growth and success of the business since it was started. Under his innovative leadership, the business has acquired over 500 representatives and all of them are licensed. The company was launched in 2010 and has transacted more than $9.5 billion in real estate investments. From the beginning, the aim of the company had been to redefine the manner in which they deliver their services to their clientele, and they have managed to do that while remaining competitive in the real estate market.

This include his first startup when he was fresh out of college; Citi Habitats. It was a residential property brokerage firm. His investment portfolio indicates that he is a strategic planner and when he decided to deal in a certain sector, he makes sure he has attained success in it.