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Larkin & Lacey

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is a great fund that is established for the purpose of supplying funds to organizations that take part fighting for the plight of people’s civil rights.

Founded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the fund supports a number of organizations, including Aliento, Justice That Works, Phoenix Immigrant Justice Project, Arizona DREAM Act Coalition, The Colibri Center For Human Rights, Fundacion Mexico, American Immigration Council, PACH (Phoenix Allies For Community health), Cultural Coalition (Day of the Dead Phoenix), Can the Border Divide Us?, Raul Castro Institute, Si Se Puede Foundation, GED2DACA, Trans Queer Pueblo and many other organizations.

The Anti Defamation League is geared toward being pro-Jewish and pro-Israel, falling in line with Jewish values. They use a series of tactics to fight for social justice such as education, litigation and public policy efforts.

You can find a list of hate symbols on their website. However, when using their website to identify symbols of hate, one must be careful to not mistake certain symbols that one sees in one’s travels as symbols of hate. Some hate symbols resemble the flags of certain European countries. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

There are symbols that are used as hate symbols by some people, but are used in non-hateful ways by other people. Unfortunately, there are some symbols that are appropriated by hate groups that a lot of other people still use as non-hateful signs. The Anti-Defamation League warns of this fact.

The Council on American Islamic Relations was founded in 1994. CAIR has been on a mission to promote a positive image of Muslims in America, as well as Muslims in general.

Their goal is to protect civil liberties, encourage understanding of Islam and to encourage dialogue. CAIR sponsors voter registration drives to encourage Muslims to have a voice in the workings of the country that they live in.

CAIR has a communications department that constantly monitors the media to see how Muslims are portrayed, and to encourage positive examples of Muslim people.

In governmental issues, CAIR conducts lobbying efforts on issues relating to Muslims. CAIR generates grassroots efforts by giving action alerts. CAIR also helps to keep the Muslim community informed by sending news to people who are on an email list.

This organization promotes all of the freedoms that are guaranteed to people in the American constitution. It condemns any violent act done by any organization, state or individual.

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