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How Madison Street Capital Help Mid-Sized Corporations Globally

Madison Street Capital Advisors LLC is a financial services company that was established in 2005. They provide a number of services for other mid-market companies such as business valuation, mergers and acquisitions transactions, providing financing options, and corporate advising. The company is privately held and is headquartered in Chicago.

When a company is looking to merge or be acquired they need to understand the true value of the company. The experts at Madison Street Capital is able to provide the leadership of the company an accurate valuation based on its current state as well as future opportunities. Madison Street Capital reputation as one of the strongest players in this field has been earned through handling many mergers and acquisitions in the last 12 years.

Madison Street Capital has offices in North America, Asia, and Africa. They have experts in each country that are very experienced with the corporate laws of their nation as well as the current business climate. They can help both active buyers as well as sellers through individualized M&A services as well as locating good financing options. They have also helped business owners build sound exit strategies when they have chosen to leave their business.

In addition to their other financial services, Madison Street Capital has helped companies through their corporate tax planning services as well as their venture capital services. Whether a company is looking to buy or sell they will have an established and knowledgeable team to work with at Madison Street Capital.

The leadership at Madison Street Capital recognizes the role they can play philanthropically. They financial support United Way and their ongoing mission to help after disasters across the United States. In recent years, United Way has helped to rebuild communities struck by natural disasters along the Gulf and East Coasts as well as the Midwest.

United Way provides for the immediate needs such as food and shelter to those who have lost their homes to natural disasters. They also help with long-term recovery by assisting with efforts to rebuild educational and health services facilities. Additionally, they help rebuild financial stability in areas that have been hard hit by a disaster.

The leadership at Madison Street Bank recognizes the important role that United Way plays across the nation and supports their efforts to make a difference in the lives of those who have been struck by tragedy.

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George Soros Re-emerges in the Political Scene

The billionaire who is popular known for the $27 million he spent trying to defeat George Bush’s presidential bid in 2004, has recently reemerged as a top donor of Democratic politics. Soros donated over $25 million as a boost to Hilary Clinton and other candidates running on a Democratic Party ticket. Some of Soros’ associates expected him to donate more during the election campaigns. Following Clinton’s defeat in the presidential race, George Soros is reported to have described the U.S. president, Donald Trump, as a potential dictator.

Soros Argument on Endangered Democracy

Soros has openly described the U.S. presidency as a dictatorial system. His assertions are based on the fact that Trump’s cabinet features incompetent extremists and retired generals. Soros does not fear that the democracy of Americans is endangered, he is fearful for how Trump will deal with other countries.

According to Soros, since the US will be occupied with internal problems, the minorities will suffer most from her foreign policy. Trump will endear himself to dictators and this will promote dictatorship in different parts of the world. Instead of fighting for democratic principles, Trump will choose to broker deals that are in the best interest of the US.

Soros is mainly fearful about the EU and how Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, poses a big threat to the union. Putin is a fierce critic of open society. From the get go, Putin has had the intention of controlling social media. He has used social media in the past to spread misinformation, fake news, and disorient and destabilize democracies. It was this strategy that Soros believes helped Trump win the presidency. Soros is fearful that these same methods will be used in elections in Netherlands, Italy, and Germany.

The Philanthropic Efforts of Soros

Soros began his philanthropic activities in 1979. Five years later, he formed and “Open Society Foundation”. Years later and Soros began dishing out huge amounts of money towards different causes. He established many foundations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. He currently has foundation in more than 70 countries worldwide. Soros’ main philanthropic activities target the refugees. George Soros has in the past pledged $500 million to organizations supporting refugees and migrant particularly those that are located in Europe. He has also shown his love towards PACs that mobilize marginalized voters. For example, in 2016, he pledged $3 million to a Political Action Committee whose aim was to mobilize Hispanic voters. Visit to know more about George.

Background of Soros

Born in Budapest in 1930, George Soros was the son of Tividar and Erzebat Schwartz. His father was lawyer. In 1944, the Nazi occupation of Hungary split Soros with his father who arranged to have them shipped out to England. While in England, Soros graduated from the “London School of Economics” and proceeded to be one of the most renowned and wealthiest investors in the world.

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U.S Money Reserve Reaches More Customers Through Online Presence

Finding an excellent investment opportunity may be hard for some, especially if they aren’t sure of where and what to invest in. The market has a large number of companies that help customers with their investment needs, and particularly serve to give them advice regarding the best approach to investing their hard earned money. One such company that helps their customers in this manner is U.S Money Reserve. Since it’s inception, the company has been known to give their clients the best advice regarding opportunities for investments.


One of key areas of investment that U.S Money Reserve divulges into is precious metal investments. All over the world, gold and silver are regarded as one of the best and most sought after investment opportunities owing to the low risk, high reward factor that goes into this kind of investment. Gold and Silver prices are always on an increasing curve, with their price almost doubling every few years. U.S Money Reserve helps their clients to invest in gold and silver bonds and shows them the right opportunities that they can pick up to grow their wealth. By analyzing their customer’s financial background, they can give their clients advice on the right amounts that they should invest in, and the duration for which they should keep their bonds to reap maximum benefits.


Besides gold and silver, the U.S Money Reserve also helps people with investments in the sector of rare and old coins. They guide their customers on the process of buying these antique treasures and outline the steps which they would have to take to make the most returns out of this kind of investment.


Since it’s inception, the U.S Money Reserve has been operating out of its main base in Austin. This has opened up a huge market for people living in the state of Texas. However, people from the rest of the country could not get access to these services because of geographical boundaries. To solve this problem, the U.S Money Reserve started their website and established their online identity. Through the site, the company could help numerous people across the United States, giving them the information and financial advice they need to go about making their investments. Through their efficient customer support team, the company is always on call to answer any doubts and queries that their clients might have regarding as gold and silver bonds.


The Significance of Investment Banks Such as Martin Lustgarten

The success of a nation is dependent on the aggregate sum of different sectors of the economy. The central bank plays a crucial role in enhancing monetary and fiscal measures of any country. At the center of all these transactions are the investment banks. Commercial banks also are important as they take deposits from the public besides issuing loans to companies and individuals.

Banking is wide as it incorporates different aspects. Investment banks seek to provide capital for government, companies and high-worth clients. Investment banks aid clients in underwriting new debts and equity securities. These clients include all corporations both private and public. Investment banks can raise large amounts of capital required by different institutions. To this end, they play a crucial role in ensuring that the different corporations in need of such capital execute capital-intensive activities.

Investment banks are known to aid in trading of securities. Security trading entails many risks. These banks have the capacity and expertise to handle such risks. In addition, they help different companies in overseeing successful mergers and acquisitions. Investment banks provide advisory services to companies intending to make strategic business acquisitions. Most investment bankers are well versed in broad investment undertakings, thus well positioned to guide corporations in need of effective re-engineering.

In local and international market, investment banks engage in broker trades and reorganizations for private and institutional investors. These services require high levels of expertise, which can only be availed by investment banks. Investment bankers are in a position to advice investors on matters of stock issue and placement as well as the best practices in stock markets. Investment bankers are individuals who have extensive background in various fields.

About Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is a renowned investment bank that provides various services to its clients around the world. These services include financial opinions, valuation, merger and acquisition and financial advisory services. The corporation has made strategic partnerships with various middle-market organizations in different industries. Martin Lustgarten has learnt how to analyze the needs of each client in order to have the best match between sellers and buyers, create adequate capitalization structures and arrange for appropriate financing. The investment bank’s extensive network, investment banking services, professional depth and independent valuation services, have enhanced its success in the competitive market.

Martin Lustgarten’s professional depth objectives incorporate decades of experience, unparalleled leadership, highest levels of professional standards and a national footprint. Its extensive network includes comprehensive resources, interactions with high-level decision makers and diverse contacts. The bank’s investment banking services includes ESOP advisory, financial restructuring, raising of capital and private placement services.