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Logan Stout The Brain Behind IDLife

Logan Stout is not just any other businessman. He has generated billions of dollars in terms of revenue. His track record comes from his immense experience in the health and wellness industry.

Besides being a successful business owner, he is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, keynote and a best-selling author. He is passionate about building leadership skills that count. Through the Dallas Patriots where Logan Stout is the founder, he focuses on leading the youth as well as mentoring them. One of his recent and successful ventures is IDLife, a venture he set-up in May 2014.

IDLife has seen a revamped growth under the leadership of Stout to the extent of achieving a highly regarded recognition of 100 Solid Top MLM firms globally. IDLife was started as a health and wellness firm to provide personalized nutrition. It stops at nothing in ensuring they create original products with the best ingredients that can be found. Top on their list is quality as well as purity of their products. Their path is mainly built on science-backed studies and well-grounded research meant to give customers confidence and clarity on everything offered by the company. With IDLife, nothing goes by chance and their personal assessment website brings more than 7500 clinical studies as well as peer-reviewed medical journals to ensure beneficiaries enjoy a personalized and targeted nutritional advice specialized for them.

IDLife has brought together other top investors such as Jen Widerstorm and billionaire, Darwin season. IDLife goes beyond to offer compensation plans from top direct selling companies. It’s from this that IDLife pays 30% compensation of your personal customers. Further, their business model is well-designed to ensure the process eliminates various intermediaries who may end up making the products expensive once they reach the final consumer. From this, it’s clear that IDLife will remain to be a leading provider of health and wellness solutions inspired by their founder and CEO, Logan Stout.

How EOS is Reshaping the World of Lip Balm

EOS is a fairly new type of lip balm that is quickly shifting the current concept of lip moisturizers. This start-up company came onto the scene only seven years ago, sensing an opportunity for innovation, and immediately began to revamp the lip balm market. Since then, the company has experienced massive growth to become the second highest seller on the market.

This small company of two (originally three) was started by two men who had previously worked for start-up companies and one who worked for big names in the field of packaged goods. They were ready to branch out on their own and sought out a niche with room for growth. They soon realized that the presentation and delivery of lip balm had barely evolved since its inception. Also, it turns out women are the primary users of lip balm and consider it part of their beauty regimen, but the market had been presenting it as a functional unisex product.

EOS lip balm stepped in and started selling a unique, personalized presentation of lip balm catering to women. They designed a signature round container, created fun flavors, such as this one;, and committed to using organic ingredients while maintaining a price competitive with other brands.

Success did not come without effort. They were breaking into an industry dominated by big names and entrenched design. They created their own manufacturing equipment. They committed to their target market of female millennials and advertised to them via social media and by collaborating with celebrities and other companies geared toward a similar demographic.

Their efforts have paid off. The industry is beginning to copy their approach and they are selling over a million lip balms on Kohls, Walmart, Ulta and other major stores in a week. They are continuing to innovate, bringing out new products and trying to stay a step ahead of clients’ demands.