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Real Event Planners Share Their Party-Planning Tips

Throwing an amazing party is no easy task. Between providing awesome food, keeping guests entertained and staying organized, there’s a lot of room for error. With so many crucial elements involved when it comes to pulling off a successful party, it’s no wonder that so many people decide to hire event planners in NYC.


However, not everyone can afford an event planner. That’s why we asked for party-planning tips from real party and corporate event planners in NYC. By following these expert tips, you’ll be able to throw a memorable party and avoid making some classic mistakes that can leave you feeling stressed, drained and unprepared.



  1. Learn How to Use Spreadsheets


Spreadsheet software is free and comes with your computer. Whenever you have to organize lists, this software should be your best friend. By making spreadsheets, you can keep track of to-do lists, guest lists and shopping lists.



  1. Create a Simple Menu


There’s no need to wear yourself out in the kitchen cooking several courses of food for your guests. Some tasty and simple appetizers will do just fine. Try to stick to appetizers that can be prepared the night before so that you won’t be confined to the kitchen when your guests start to arrive.



  1. Let Guests Serve Their Own Beverages


There’s nothing more festive than a fully-stocked self-serve bar. Your guests will be able to loosen up as soon as they see that they can prepare a drink their own way. Be sure to include a variety of liquor, beer and wine. Don’t forget ice!



  1. Create a Theme


If you are having trouble deciding on decor, music and food, try to create a theme that can tie all of these elements together. Pick something that you are familiar with like a classic movie or a decade.



  1. Hire Help


There’s no shame in hiring an event planner to help out with some of the responsibilities. Twenty Three Layers is one of the top event planning companies in NYC and can turn a party of any size into a huge success. They can also provide you with services like live music and professional photography.