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The fight for Human rights in America and the world

The united states of America being one of the countries at the frontline of human rights protection has some of the strongest advocates of the same. These groups are formed by individuals who come together to ensure that the civil liberties and rights of each and every individual are protected as envisioned in the constitution.

This individual may be at times be immigrants who are some of the most venerable members of the community as some may not have the required paperwork to be in the country and to this end their rights when violated they may feel like they have no right or recourse. Fortunately, the groups below are some of the best in fighting for their rights.

They include Border Angels who also go by the name ‘Angeles de Frontera’. They are a non-profit charitable organization located in San-Diego which was founded by Enrique Morones back in the year 1986. They focus on immigration reforms, migrant right and also work towards prevention of immigrant deaths along our borders.

They work mainly through community education and various awareness programs giving guided trips to the various desert migrant crossing routes and leaving behind water for hydration purposes.

The group is also very involved in the San Diego County’s immigrant population they have begun various outreach programs.

Through their program, they have been able to give out more than forty-five tons of donated books, food, toys and clothing to migrants.working with other volunteers Border Angels were able to provide a counterpoint to anti-immigration protesters when they demonstrated while trying to block migrants who were arriving and being processed in Murrieta, California. American Civil Liberties Union ACLU. This is an immigrant’s Rights project which is one of the best and most vocal advocates for the rights of immigrants.

The group is also very passionate about prevention of discrimination in any form of migrants and other vulnerable communities. In the last twenty-five years, they have fought to protect every right and freedom each immigrant is entitled to they have been able to use public outreach, targeted impact proceeding and promotions. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Twitter

The organization has taken part in most major legal battles fought on behalf of immigrants’ rights they have put their focus on challenging laws that continuously execute indefinite and mandatory confinement, reject immigrants access to our justice system, as well as discriminate based on nationality.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund The Frontera fund was founded on a 3.75 million dollar settlement that was a result of a settlement between the Maricopa County and the duo of Lacey and Larkin.

The sheriff had conducted an arbitrary arrest and then gone to charge the two in court after the collapse of that case the two would later sue the county and it’s then that the ninth circuit court ruled that their rights had been infringed upon resulting in the settlement.

The Frontera Fund has set its sights and energies on supporting groups that advocate for migrant human and civil rights.They are also keen on advocating for the freedom of speech throughout Arizona especially on “la línea fronteriza”.They have been very instrumental in fighting for families facing deportation.

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Bob Reina: The Empathetic CEO

The ability to see what someone else is going through is one of the many great traits about Bob Reina, the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion since 2007. It is something he truly prides himself on, as he should, because he takes it seriously. In life, you get what you practice and this is something that Bob Reina practices day in and day out. He does not take a day off from it. After all, we are talking about a former police officer here, so because of this, he knows the ins and outs of the world we are living in today. It offers him a unique perspective on how to do things and how to get the most out of life. He has seen people in bad situations.


As a boss and as a leader, he knows the best way to lead is not with an iron fist. He does not want his employees to be scared of him or run away from him. He wants them to feel comfortable around him and feel safe around him. There is no reason to be scared of him. He is a kind, gentle, and caring person. He cares about people and their problems. He knows that time on this earth is precious and because of this, people have to make the most out of every single day. It is a sin and it is a crime not to enjoy all that life has to offer.


With Talk Fusion, now entering the decade mark, people are able to do that. They are able to enjoy life without any fear and without any second-guessing. Talk Fusion allows people to live life how they see fit without anyone telling them what they can and cannot do. That is not their right. As long as they are not doing something illegal and not hurting anyone, of course, Talk Fusion’s video apps are really going to take their business to the next level.


It is going to get them seen by as many people as possible with video newsletters and video emails. The word is going to spread very quickly. Learn more:


James Larkin

James Larkin was born in Liverpool, England, on January 21, 1876. He didn’t have much in the way of a formal education due to his being raised poor and not being from an upper class neighborhood.

He was forced to work and help supply the family with income, therefore, he worked several different jobs throughout his youth, ultimately he became a foreman of the Liverpool docks.

In 1903, James married Elizabeth Brown, and together they had four sons.

James Larkin believed workers were treated poorly and he would later join the “National Union of Dock Labourers (NUDL)”, and became a trade union organizer full-time in 1905.

In 1907, he relocated to Dublin, that is when he started a union of his own called the “Irish Transport and General Workers Union.” This union had one goal in mind, and that was to unite all Irish workers, whether skilled or unskilled.

In 1913, over 100,000 workers had become involved in a strike, known as the “Dublin Lockout”. The strike lasted for eight months, and eventually the workers were awarded their right to fair employment.

James Larkin would later take part in protests against the war, around the time World War I was just getting started; afterwards he came to America to help raise money to fight the British. He was arrested during the “red scare” of 1919, and found guilty of anarchist communism in 1920; he was then pardoned and deported to Ireland three years later.

That was when he organized the Workers’ Union of Ireland and confirmed recognition from the Communist International group in 1924.

For James Larkin, the 1920s were hell and the 1930s he was in a sort of purgatory. He had left the limelight and was concentrating on the WUI, which was not doing well.

James Larkin was focused on creating support for his seat on the Dublin Corporation. By the time the 1940s arrived, James was mellowing out, his ambitions were behind him, allowing him to show his kinder, gentler side.

He had been sensing that his life was coming to an end shortly after the death of his wife, Elizabeth in 1945 and it was important to him that he make amends with the Church.

He remained active in the WUI up until his last breath, it was late 1946 when he had an accident. He had fallen through a floor as he was supervising some repairs that needed done to the WUI’s “Thomas Ashe Hall”. He passed away on January 30, 1947 at Meath Hospital.

Read more: James Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

Lacy and Larkin Frontera Fund, Voice a Voice to the Voiceless

Imagine if you were in a strange land with no one to protect you. Imagine that you were in a strange land where everything you did was treated with suspicion.

Such are the hospitality with which immigrants in our country go through on a daily basis. Immigrants are in dire need of someone to advocate for their civil, human and migrant rights.

They need parties and unions that will make sure they are respected and treated with dignity.

With that in mind, Michael and Jim, two daring journalists, came up with the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

The two journalists are the co-founders of Phoenix New Times and the Village Voice Media. The two media channels were on the forefront of running new pieces that were used to articulate for the rights of the minority immigrants as well as exposing the powerful people behind the suffering of migrants.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested because of the stories and advertisements they ran on their media channels. They did a story on Sheriff Joe Arpaio and how he abused his powers to discriminate members of minority groups, especially the migrants.

They were arrested and jailed for allegedly violating grand jury secrecy laws by the Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. After being arrested and falsely accused and jailed, the two were later released.

Michael and Jim sued the county, owing it to their fighting spirit. They won the case and the court awarded them 3.75 million dollars as settlement for damages.

Lacey and Jim did not want to keep the money for themselves. Lacey and Larkin wanted to help others, and so they did. In honor of their call to serve and protect the rights of other people especially the migrants, the two philanthropic journalists established the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

The fund was set up with the sole purpose of supporting groups that advocate and fight for civil, human and migrant rights. In response of what reggae musician Gregory Isaacs once sung, ‘No Speech, No Language,’ the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund help in advocating for the speech as well as the civic participation throughout the state of Arizona as well as along the Mexican border. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Twitter

Through the fund, groups that champion for the rights of migrants have been able to find financial assistance that has helped them in their campaigns.

Some of the activities which the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund sponsors and helps migrant rights advocacy groups to do include and that help to

  • enlighten the migrants on their rights,
  • advocate for the better pay for those who are employed
  • and protect migrants from unlawful detention.

Another movement that shares the same dreams as the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is the Advocate for Human rights which spearhead the world’s human rights.

The organization is non-profit and independently and impartially works in creating, fighting as well as upholding lasting and comprehensive all-inclusive change both locally and globally.

The group works tirelessly in exposing human rights violations around the world and in the process, helping millions of vulnerable families as well as migrants have a voice in life and not accept to be mistreated.

Roberto Santiago’s Mall Keeps Visitors Happy

With the options that Manaira Mall has, people can do everything that they want at the mall and still not run out of things to do. The mall is set up in a way that makes it easy for visitors to enjoy the options and shoppers are not the only ones who will be able to walk away from Manaira with a positive experience. Roberto Santiago knew that he wanted to make things better for his clients and he also knew that things would be able to improve if he worked on building up Manaira. Because of this, he has always remained dedicated to the mall and to the people who come to shop at the mall. All of this has led to him being able to grow it in a way that no other malls are able to grow in the areas of Brazil that they are in.


One of the biggest things that Roberto Santiago was created entertainment at the mall. The 11 movie theaters at the mall were beneficial for people who wanted traditional entertainment but Roberto Santiago wanted something much more than that. He wanted people to be truly impressed with the mall and he did what he could to try and make things better for everyone who wanted a different experience. Roberto Santiago decided that a conference arena would be the best option and set about building one on the roof of the mall. This was something that nobody had done in the past and something that made it easier for Roberto Santiago to do things with the mall.


Along with the entertainment options that Roberto Santiago had at the mall, he also did what he could to help people with shopping. The Manaira Mall has everything from exclusive shopping locations to family-owned businesses and everything in between. From tourists to locals, everyone is able to get something that they need from Manaira so it makes it the perfect shopping destination. people can benefit from Manaira no matter what they are doing, who they are or what their capabilities are in the shopping realm.


A mall wouldn’t necessarily be a mall without the food court options that Roberto Santiago has at Manaira. He has designed the restaurants similar to shopping and that has helped him to make sure that everything is going to work out for different people who come to the mall. Whether people are looking for chain restaurants or traditional Brazilian cuisine, they have been able to get what they need. Some people even come to Manaira with the intention of visiting a restaurant. This is a fact that most mall owners are not able to tell their visitors about but something that Roberto Santiago is proud of.


Cotemar Continues Topping the Energy Sector in Mexico

Cotemar is a top energy corporation in Mexico that was established in 1979 and is headquartered in Ciudad Carmen, Mexico. The company offers a broad range of offshore services such as drilling rigs, transportation, food and accommodation services, construction, maintenance, and renovations. The company is equipped with a fleet of specialized vessels such as submersibles, barges, fire-fighting vessels, tow ships and boats offering accommodation, entertainment, and food to its personnel.


Cotemar boasts of a team of approximately 4,000 highly skilled personnel with a great understanding of the activities within the industry. Moreover, the staff are well compensated and are offered laundry services, food, accommodation as well as various entertainment alternatives like gyms, movie theater and basketball courts by the company. Motivated employees are significant for any business and Cotemar is prosperous and top of its game because of their staff.


In the beginning, Cotemar was mainly focused on offering accommodation and catering services to the energy industry. However, in 1981 the company expanded its operations to include services like transportation of both its staff and materials. Moreover, in 1985 the company got its first rig to offer catering services. Later on in 1988 Cotemar managed to get five more rigs as well as three specialized vessels, which facilitated the corporation to increase its range of services and clients.


In 2012, the company invested in more specialized crane and upgraded its personnel, and through this, it was able to offer transportation of both solids and liquid materials. Cotemar began the construction of Atlantis in 2013 and later joined the onshore upstream sector. 2016 was a significant year for the energy company as it was awarded the Cuichapa Poniente are a contract.


Most prominent establishments are based on solid company values, and Cotemar is no different. Firstly, It is reliable. The success attained by Cotemar since its inception is owed to its commitment to live up to its company values, which includes being accountable for its activities such that both its clientele and the community as a whole are satisfied. Secondly, it upholds Integrity by ensuring its entire stakeholders act in a moral, honest and reliable manner at all times. Thirdly, Cotemar boasts on its innovativeness as it is always finding fresh ways of handling its everyday activities and as such generating various alternatives to produce more value for its clients. The other company value at Cotemar is humility.


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Study Conducted on PodcastOne

Norman Pattiz is a man who has had a significant impact on the media since it’s humble beginnings with the radio. In fact, Norman is known for pioneering some of the biggest radio channels in the country and is known for being a prominent member in the field of advertising.

His radio channels were known to be the leading broadcasters for numerous top sporting events in America like the Superbowl and the NBA.

But because of the dawn of youtube and other sites which can give their listeners the ability to listen to music whenever they want, the humble radio started dropping as a medium of mass communication.

Norman, however, wanted to show the world that the radio is still prevalent in this area of digitalization and decided to rebrand it as a podcast. Bringing this idea to fruition is his podcast company PodcastOne, which is one of the top podcast networks in the country.

Norman has partnered with numerous famous personalities from the field of media and film to collaborate with him and give his listeners quality content that they won’t get elsewhere. The podcast network has partnered with some of Hollywood’s biggest names like WWE star Chris Jericho, to give his listeners a diverse range of shows to choose from.

But when the podcast network took off, Norman felt like it still did not meet his expectations of what the future of podcasts or radio should look like. He thus decided to give advertisers a place to showcase their products, making the podcast network one that gains a lot out of advertising revenue.

It also currently holds the position as one of the top advertising driven podcast companies in the country. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:—gEnNaaBqfWHbk/

But to make his podcast network succeed, and to get more listeners and advertisers in the mix, Norman paired up with Edison Research to conduct an in-depth market analysis to show the impact that these ads have on the people listening to these podcasts.

The results showed extremely high recall rates for a number of the products that were being advertised in the middle of their audio shows. By also knowing what products have a higher recall rate among the customers, Norman can now get in more advertisers with products that sell among his audience members.

According to Bloomberg, by making the podcast network more advertiser driven, Norman Pattiz can rake in the revenue he needs to invest into quality content to give his audience an all-around entertaining experience with PodcastOne.

Billy McFarland is Focused on Bringing New York Together

When he launched his Magnises credit card, Billy McFarland was asked why it was just targeted at people who lived in New York City. Wouldn’t that just cut back on how many people could use it? Wouldn’t it limit the card’s potential?

Though the idea behind the card was to grow and expand the influence it had — it’s now moved out of just New York — part of the reason at the beginning was simply that Billy McFarland felt that it fit best with people in NYC. It was a card aimed at them and designed for them. The perks that it handed out were created with the New York social scene in mind.

Part of the hope here is that it can help bring New York together. It’s also been targeted at people in their 20s. These are typically young professionals, with a few college students perhaps thrown into the mix. They’re people that are in the same social groups. It’s a card with a very specific market in mind, and, if people in that group start using the card, it could help to bring them together by giving them similar perks and driving their social lives in that fashion.

The proof of that concept is in this one simple fact: McFarland built a clubhouse for the members. There are televisions on the walls, leather couches, and drink options. It’s a high-end space for people to socialize, and the appeal is that it’s exclusive.

That will bring the members together, get them to meet, and create all sorts of new relationships. This is perhaps best for people in their mid 20s who are used to having that type of social life in college, but who now lack it after graduation.

In any case, McFarland has claimed that his card is doing things that other cards simply aren’t doing in the modern day, and he’s right. These are serious perks that can’t be found anywhere else, pushing the card into the news and into wallets at the same time.

David Osio Comes Out To Oversee The Lauch Of Real Estate Application

Investing in real estate has become a norm and many people who enter into the industry are not skilled or informed well about its highs and lows and how to go about them. This is the reason some make losses and after a short period then exit the scene. However, with the right support and after consulting with experienced professionals, it can be easy to make it in the real estate industry.


The Davos Financial Group has gained a reputation for offering reliable financial advisory services and supporting upcoming entrepreneurs in the real estate industry to plan their investment well. The company has come up with reliable procedures that are designed to help those looking to invest in real estate.


Recently, the CEO of the group, David Osio took part in ceremonies that were organized to launch a new mobile application that will make it easier for clients to transact or manage their preferences. The aim of the company is to bring closer to the client the services they need to make wise investment decisions.


Through the application, one can request for information about a specified unit and there are links to professionals within the company who are able to respond to problems within few hours. Unlike with the traditional procedures, transacting will not have to be a long process since all the information required is shared through the platform. The company has also designed a system that will allow one to compare deals and fill their preferences to receive messages regarding new assets uploaded to the system.


About David Osio

David J. Osio is an entrepreneur and the founder of Davos Financial Group, a financial advisory firm that serves the Venezuela market. He founded his firm in 1993 and he has maintained the commitment to offer financial advice and support to customers looking to make prudent investment decisions.


He has managed the company well and kept it profitable for the period he has worked as the CEO and he is looking to expand into other markets like the U.S. David Osio has also created economic opportunities for the needy and he contributes to charity while supporting different organizations like the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation and Fundana Foundation.