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Marc Sparks Inventing Better Investment Techniques

Marc sparks is well recognized entrepreneur, when he ventured into the business he has only a high school diploma. He is a successive entrepreneur and venture capitalist and he is constantly strong-minded to target more since he started from the scratch. He is the founder and the CEO of Timber Creek Capital LP.

He proves that a degree or diploma does not actually decide individual success in business but through hard work, effort, confidence one can be able to achieve a lot. His main path of career is telecommunication but he is involved in many other businesses. Currently he has contributed in the developing and introducing several businesses including the Splash Media, Blue Jay Wireless and Cardinal Telecom. He lives in Dallas, Texas.

He is philanthropic apart from being a business man; he has contributed a lot to the society in various ways when he is not working.

He has contributed to many charity projects such as American Can which he distributed thousand laptops and Samaritan Inn which he also helped since 1980s. These have made him to establish worth good homes with better Habitat.

Marc Sparks founded Timber Creek Capital in order to help boost entrepreneurs in starting new businesses to more prosperous company. The organization gives better methods through giving them assets to begin their companies. The main thing that is displayed as a capitalist is to providing money to better entrepreneurs to begin their business.

Timber Creek Capital other staff the give while the entrepreneurs want to begin a business is networking, capital, office space, banking and competence in customer service.

He doesn’t believe in failure because through his experience and expertise he is certain that he is always achieve what he wants, the challenges the other business men have is what generates him to target higher. He supports businesses which have problems in improving by giving them better strategies to prosper.

The prosperity of Marc Sparks parks is brought by adhering through these values competence, belief and firmness. He also encourages entrepreneur to have inventive ideas to direct them when beginning a business and also to follow these rules such as providing distinctive services to the society and also always taking things to the topic.

Marc sparks is writing ‘They Can’t Eat You’ is a book that expresses the journey to success and accomplishing a lot. He also describes certain problems that businessmen face and how to tackle them. He also is very dedicated to transform the community perspective that finishing school does not matter when one to be a successful entrepreneur.