Cotemar Continues Topping the Energy Sector in Mexico

Cotemar is a top energy corporation in Mexico that was established in 1979 and is headquartered in Ciudad Carmen, Mexico. The company offers a broad range of offshore services such as drilling rigs, transportation, food and accommodation services, construction, maintenance, and renovations. The company is equipped with a fleet of specialized vessels such as submersibles, barges, fire-fighting vessels, tow ships and boats offering accommodation, entertainment, and food to its personnel.


Cotemar boasts of a team of approximately 4,000 highly skilled personnel with a great understanding of the activities within the industry. Moreover, the staff are well compensated and are offered laundry services, food, accommodation as well as various entertainment alternatives like gyms, movie theater and basketball courts by the company. Motivated employees are significant for any business and Cotemar is prosperous and top of its game because of their staff.


In the beginning, Cotemar was mainly focused on offering accommodation and catering services to the energy industry. However, in 1981 the company expanded its operations to include services like transportation of both its staff and materials. Moreover, in 1985 the company got its first rig to offer catering services. Later on in 1988 Cotemar managed to get five more rigs as well as three specialized vessels, which facilitated the corporation to increase its range of services and clients.


In 2012, the company invested in more specialized crane and upgraded its personnel, and through this, it was able to offer transportation of both solids and liquid materials. Cotemar began the construction of Atlantis in 2013 and later joined the onshore upstream sector. 2016 was a significant year for the energy company as it was awarded the Cuichapa Poniente are a contract.


Most prominent establishments are based on solid company values, and Cotemar is no different. Firstly, It is reliable. The success attained by Cotemar since its inception is owed to its commitment to live up to its company values, which includes being accountable for its activities such that both its clientele and the community as a whole are satisfied. Secondly, it upholds Integrity by ensuring its entire stakeholders act in a moral, honest and reliable manner at all times. Thirdly, Cotemar boasts on its innovativeness as it is always finding fresh ways of handling its everyday activities and as such generating various alternatives to produce more value for its clients. The other company value at Cotemar is humility.


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Sweetgreen Is Trying to Change the American Diet, and Nathaniel Ru is Rooting for the Best

Sometimes, we just want simple food that is enough for a simple meal, lunch, or dinner. All of that gourmet stuff does not end well if we consume it all the time, so simple food has to have a place in the diet of every citizen nowadays with so much food that is high in carbs and processed.



Sweetgreen, for example, is a company that follows that line of thinking, as they are leaders in the market of healthy and natural food. Americans are certainly acquainted with the restaurant chain Sweetgreen as it is sometimes the number 1 pick for a healthy diet.



Eating healthier is a good thing, and the group of entrepreneurs Nicolas Jammet, Nathaniel Ru, and Jonathan Neman, who founded the company in August 2007, certainly agree, as their main philosophy is to help control obesity and diseases that come from heavy diets.



These co-founders are certainly very successful in the foods market, and there are more than forty locations where you can find the Sweetgreen restaurants. In fact, there are over 65 stores in the U.S. as of June 2017, and more local places where Sweetgreen food can be bought are being planned to be added shortly.



The food that is served by Sweetgreen is simple, but it is not easy to make, as a lot of thoughtfulness goes into the preparation and organizing of the dishes, and they have a very professional look, while the chefs of sweetgreen are real artists in the kitchen.



On that same note, the Sweetgreen food is meant for everybody. Because there is a typical association of junk food with being cheaper than quality food, the Sweetgreen staff certainly disagrees, as they believe that they have found the perfect balance of providing food with the essential benefits that are necessary to have an energized and fulfilled day, while having cheap and welcoming dishes that is meant for anyone to try out.



According to Nathaniel Ru, the philosophy of the company is certainly to improve the daily diet of people around the world, in a modern society where junk food is much more accessible. Nathalien Ru stated that the plans for him and his co-founders were to create a brand that would stand for that statement even if it meant less success – they would not delve into the less healthy food for the sake of popularity. Maintaining that brand’s phrase as a pedestal was one of the reasons why the group achieved such a success.



Another nice thing from the company’s managers is that they are not centered in the company’s main headquarters because there is none. They operate in a way that they are always visiting their restaurants and being close to the delivery of the end-product, analyzing the reactions of their customers and making sure that the Sweetgreen food is at its top quality.


How Fabletics Differentiates Itself From Wal-mart, Target, Under Armor and NIKE

The fashion industry is such a big industry that all types of stores are involved in it on some level. Even discount mass merchandisers like Wal-mart and Target have gotten themselves involved in the industry. However, they do not have all of the creativity that Fabletics has. Even with activewear companies like Under Armor and NIKE, there is a limit to the creativity of these items. Therefore, people who want something unique would have to make some adjustments to these items. However, Kate Hudson has brought something new to the industry. This company is called Fabletics, and this company is doing a lot of things differently with the clothes that are offered.


The first thing people will notice about the clothes is that while they are essentially workout clothes, they come with designs that make them really fun to wear. People who try on these Fabletics outfits are going to experience a greater level of confidence. They approach their fitness with a greater energy than with clothes from other brands. This is one of the reasons that customers are attracted to the company as a whole. People not only get to see the differences in the items but also feel the difference in these items.


Another more important aspect of the success of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics brand is the marketing. She has used a lot of different approaches that not only encouraged but also inspired people to wear Fabletics brands and enjoy the styles they can come up with. One of the best things about Fabletics clothing is that it is not just designed for working out, but also other occasions like dating, workplace events, family gatherings and other events.


Perhaps the best way that Fabletics differentiates itself from Wal-mart and the other stores that sell fashion is that it is subscription based. The subscription works when it comes to saving customers money. For one thing, Kate Hudson was passionate about finding a way to save money for the customers without having to resort to unethical means of providing clothes. Everyone that is making the clothes is fairly compensated and cared for.

Copa Star Opens Up a New Branch in Rio De Janeiro

Copa Star Hospital is extending its services to more Brazil citizens thanks to the opening of its latest branch in the majestic town of Rio De Janeiro. The Copa Star Hospital branch was launched in October and is located in the southern tip of Rio. The hospital will deliver high quality medical care to local residents saving them the pain of having to travel long distances to get high end medicare services.

The hospital will focus on more than bare essentials when it comes to medical care. It will be a haven for comfort, luxury and high end technological treatment that will be fit for five-star hotel lodgers.

With the hospital sitting on a seven floor space sprawling over 21 thousand square meters, there is more than enough space to stash in the required equipment, supplies and staff that will some of the best services to Rio residents on demand.

Apart from just hosting the patients and giving the constant comfort of an ever available physician or registered nurse, the hospital will also let inpatients call on their doctor or nurses using iPads provided to them by the management.

The automation technology runs deeper than just an iPad and a fancy call for help button. The patients will get automated bed features and other things like the room lighting, curtains and examination amenities will be controlled automatically. This will increase comfort and safety hence letting the patient stay relaxed and focus on recovery.

The Copa Star management is confident that its investment in impressive technology will first and foremost reduce the number of patients who have to fly over to Sao Paulo for dedicated medical care. The added luxury and convenience, on the other hand, will give exclusive care that will not only accelerate recovery but also give people something great to look forward to.

A specially trained team will oversee both the patients and the equipment to ensure maximum efficiency. The Copa Star hospital staff will have to undergo two months of training and endure random drills that simulate a wide range of scenarios that can happen in the hospital.

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The current team consists of 550 employees. 113 of these are professional doctors who apart from just being experts in their trade have undergone extra training to master the art of treating their patients with that extra dignity that will make the stay at Rio’s Copa Star hospital worthwhile.

Copa Star is among the pioneers of this new concept of treatment and hospitals that focus on more than just treatment. If everything goes well, they hope to replicate what they have already accomplished in Sao Paulo and Brasilia in other cities soon. Visit the site to know more.