Study Conducted on PodcastOne

Norman Pattiz is a man who has had a significant impact on the media since it’s humble beginnings with the radio. In fact, Norman is known for pioneering some of the biggest radio channels in the country and is known for being a prominent member in the field of advertising.

His radio channels were known to be the leading broadcasters for numerous top sporting events in America like the Superbowl and the NBA.

But because of the dawn of youtube and other sites which can give their listeners the ability to listen to music whenever they want, the humble radio started dropping as a medium of mass communication.

Norman, however, wanted to show the world that the radio is still prevalent in this area of digitalization and decided to rebrand it as a podcast. Bringing this idea to fruition is his podcast company PodcastOne, which is one of the top podcast networks in the country.

Norman has partnered with numerous famous personalities from the field of media and film to collaborate with him and give his listeners quality content that they won’t get elsewhere. The podcast network has partnered with some of Hollywood’s biggest names like WWE star Chris Jericho, to give his listeners a diverse range of shows to choose from.

But when the podcast network took off, Norman felt like it still did not meet his expectations of what the future of podcasts or radio should look like. He thus decided to give advertisers a place to showcase their products, making the podcast network one that gains a lot out of advertising revenue.

It also currently holds the position as one of the top advertising driven podcast companies in the country. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:—gEnNaaBqfWHbk/

But to make his podcast network succeed, and to get more listeners and advertisers in the mix, Norman paired up with Edison Research to conduct an in-depth market analysis to show the impact that these ads have on the people listening to these podcasts.

The results showed extremely high recall rates for a number of the products that were being advertised in the middle of their audio shows. By also knowing what products have a higher recall rate among the customers, Norman can now get in more advertisers with products that sell among his audience members.

According to Bloomberg, by making the podcast network more advertiser driven, Norman Pattiz can rake in the revenue he needs to invest into quality content to give his audience an all-around entertaining experience with PodcastOne.

U.S Money Reserve Reaches More Customers Through Online Presence

Finding an excellent investment opportunity may be hard for some, especially if they aren’t sure of where and what to invest in. The market has a large number of companies that help customers with their investment needs, and particularly serve to give them advice regarding the best approach to investing their hard earned money. One such company that helps their customers in this manner is U.S Money Reserve. Since it’s inception, the company has been known to give their clients the best advice regarding opportunities for investments.


One of key areas of investment that U.S Money Reserve divulges into is precious metal investments. All over the world, gold and silver are regarded as one of the best and most sought after investment opportunities owing to the low risk, high reward factor that goes into this kind of investment. Gold and Silver prices are always on an increasing curve, with their price almost doubling every few years. U.S Money Reserve helps their clients to invest in gold and silver bonds and shows them the right opportunities that they can pick up to grow their wealth. By analyzing their customer’s financial background, they can give their clients advice on the right amounts that they should invest in, and the duration for which they should keep their bonds to reap maximum benefits.


Besides gold and silver, the U.S Money Reserve also helps people with investments in the sector of rare and old coins. They guide their customers on the process of buying these antique treasures and outline the steps which they would have to take to make the most returns out of this kind of investment.


Since it’s inception, the U.S Money Reserve has been operating out of its main base in Austin. This has opened up a huge market for people living in the state of Texas. However, people from the rest of the country could not get access to these services because of geographical boundaries. To solve this problem, the U.S Money Reserve started their website and established their online identity. Through the site, the company could help numerous people across the United States, giving them the information and financial advice they need to go about making their investments. Through their efficient customer support team, the company is always on call to answer any doubts and queries that their clients might have regarding as gold and silver bonds.


Personal Information About Dick DeVos

Richard Marvin DeVos Jr. was born on 21st October 1955. DeVos is a Democrat whom I find being very influential. The father of four is happily married to Betsy DeVos, currently serving in the American ministry of education as the secretary. The Michigan-based entrepreneur attended school at Northwood University, where he earned his bachelor’s in business administration. He is recognized at Northwood as a distinguished alumnus. As well, Mr. DeVos pursued honorary doctoral degrees from Grove City College, Central Michigan University, and Northwood University yet again. His consistency in pursuing significant initiatives has proved he is a leader of great influence and knowledge.

Dick and Betsy DeVous Reveal About Their $139M Contribution in Philanthropy

If Dick and Betsy were to sum up the amount they have spent on charitable initiatives, the budget would rise to over $139 million. It is not anywhere near the few million dollars they have spent bankrolling political endeavors. They have always funneled millions of dollars to their foundation. Their association website reveals that they spent over $11.6 million on charity in 2015. When being vetted for her cabinet minister’s post, Betsy clarified on their spending towards politics. Only $5.3 million was spent on funding campaigns.

In most cases, Dick and his wife incline towards education in their financing of programs. From the $11.6 million spent in 2015, over $3 million was allotted to educational causes. From my calculations, that makes it 26percent of their annual charitable budget. Also, they gave out $357,000 to groups supporting reforms in the education sector. The donations were made through their organization. It came to their realization that the schooling system in the US was not ideal for the children. On an interview with MLive, DeVos said that the children tended to grow up in “the Wrong ZIP Codes.” According to him, they were unable to gain access to the bigger American dream.

The DeVos’ Observations on the Public Education Platforms

As Mr. DeVous says, their primary goal of choice is to confront the loopholes in the public education platform. They employ a “one-size fits all” model that only keeps ailing the sector. From his observation, the poor school system tends to pour cold water on the diligent educator’s efforts. The moment a better system gets implemented, the talented teachers will have it easy reaching every child and impacting them academically. I am convinced that people like the DeVos’s are the ideal minds to place in the education sector.


Dick and Betsy are an amazing couple. Their passion for service is out of this world. Over the years, they have been in selfless service, delivering top-quality services. Their minds incline towards development and success of every American child, which I find being an exciting move.

How EOS is Reshaping the World of Lip Balm

EOS is a fairly new type of lip balm that is quickly shifting the current concept of lip moisturizers. This start-up company came onto the scene only seven years ago, sensing an opportunity for innovation, and immediately began to revamp the lip balm market. Since then, the company has experienced massive growth to become the second highest seller on the market.

This small company of two (originally three) was started by two men who had previously worked for start-up companies and one who worked for big names in the field of packaged goods. They were ready to branch out on their own and sought out a niche with room for growth. They soon realized that the presentation and delivery of lip balm had barely evolved since its inception. Also, it turns out women are the primary users of lip balm and consider it part of their beauty regimen, but the market had been presenting it as a functional unisex product.

EOS lip balm stepped in and started selling a unique, personalized presentation of lip balm catering to women. They designed a signature round container, created fun flavors, such as this one;, and committed to using organic ingredients while maintaining a price competitive with other brands.

Success did not come without effort. They were breaking into an industry dominated by big names and entrenched design. They created their own manufacturing equipment. They committed to their target market of female millennials and advertised to them via social media and by collaborating with celebrities and other companies geared toward a similar demographic.

Their efforts have paid off. The industry is beginning to copy their approach and they are selling over a million lip balms on Kohls, Walmart, Ulta and other major stores in a week. They are continuing to innovate, bringing out new products and trying to stay a step ahead of clients’ demands.

Omar Boraie , The Reason For The Development Of Real Estate In New Brunswick

Omar Boraie is the man and the reason behind the development of the city of New Brunswick. The president of Boraie Development, Omar is a man who has pioneered some of the company’s most ambitious real estate projects in the past few years. Omar came to the United States from Egypt, while he was pursuing his Ph.D. in chemistry. He then decided to take on the family business and expand it overseas for the development of New Brunswick. Visit his Crunchbase for more info.

Boraie Development is a company that has been part of Omar’s family for over three generations. Creating iconic properties is one of the specialties of the Boraie family business. When Omar was looking out for a place to expand the business, he wasn’t just seeking to transform one building, but an entire neighborhood. He chooses the city of New Brunswick because of the enormous amount of potential he saw in the city. Under the company, Omar transformed the city, building by building, making it what it is today, reports by NJBiz.

The first project by Boraie Development was completed in 2007 and was followed by numerous subsequent projects in the area. These new buildings comprised of a healthy mix of commercial as well as residential properties. Omar didn’t just want to make the city a beautiful place to live, but so much more. He wanted to make it a hub of commercial development, having some of the best facilities. The company has opened up a significant number of office spaces all over the city to give brands and businesses a place to set up their bases to contribute to the overall development of the community.

Omar believes in upholding the standards the family has laid down for this company since its inception. He also is of the opinion that for his business to succeed, he needs to form good relations with the customers who are coming to him. Omar, therefore, set in place a highly efficient customer care team who ensure that all the clients coming to them get exactly what they are looking for.

Omar was also the pioneer of one of the biggest buildings in the city, The Aspire. The project was a 238 story residential complex that is almost like a mini town in itself, with virtually every amenity a person would need, right from health complexes to roof decks.

One of the reasons Omar has been able to develop so many properties all over the city is because he believes in only working with partners and banks who he trust, and where he knows someone personally. He is of the opinion that good partners are essential to the success of the project, and hence stresses on its implementation when it comes to his company.

When not trying to meet the goals he has set for himself and the company, Omar is busy helping the community and the people of New Brunswick. Omar is one of the main reasons behind the establishment of numerous medical facilities all over the city. He also started NGO’s for the benefit of disadvantaged people.

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Bob Reina Understands People

It takes a special kind of person to truly understand others. They have to be willing to listen, care, and give them special attention. Too often, people get wrapped up in their own business that they forget about others.

According to Crunchbase, that is what makes Bob Reina so special to so many people. He created and founded Talk Fusion back in 2007 and ever since then, going on a decade strong, it has been about the people. He listens to them, cares about them, and goes out of his way to make sure he has a firm grasp on what they are looking for out of Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion is the all-in-one video communications service that offers video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video emails. This is all designed to help the modern businessman or businesswoman get their blossoming company off the ground.

It also makes sure they can leave that old job behind, the one that made them unhappy and left them feeling unsatisfied. Those days are long gone. They are the boss now and since they are the boss, they get to call the shots. They call the rules, and they get to make sure that the business runs smoothly.

Most of all, it allows them valuable time with their friends and family, time they missed out on when they were at their regular job. These days, people can’t help but notice a pep in their step. They seem more alive and they seem happier than ever.

It gives them a great feeling when they can run their own business and do what they love. It is not just a job. It is their life, their love, and their passion. That is what Bob Reina wants for every customer that uses Talk Fusion. He wants it to be the type of experience that changes their life.

Bob Reina is also about changing lives by giving back such as his record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. He loves animals and wants to make sure they have all they need to be healthy and happy. Bob Reina is a truly kind man.