Squaw Valley’s Report on Water Problems

Squaw Valley Ski Resort has responded to news about E. coli and coliform bacteria being detected in the drinking water in the upper mountain. Last November the problem was reported to Placer County Department of Environmental Health.


Since the incident, Squaw Valley has consistently been treating the water and it is showing signs of improvement. Three quarters of the wells in the upper mountain are reporting low levels of coliform and no E. coli bacteria at all.


Restaurants in the affected area remain closed and skiers cannot drink the water until the all-clear is given by the Department of Health. Skiing is still allowed and no health problems have been reported.


In October, the area was hit with unusually strong rain storms, which affected some water systems in the area. This heavy rainfall led to the contamination of one specific water system at High Camp and Gold Coast. None of the resorts other water systems were harmed. The public never had access to any contaminated water, during this time.


Immediately upon learning of this issue, we contacted Placer County Environmental Health and begin cleaning the water system. The resort will not return to using the water system until the health officials give the word that the water is again safe.

The safety and well-being of our customers is very important to us at Squaw Valley. While this issue is being corrected, we will supply our guests with free bottled water for drinking. We take this issue very seriously and are taking the steps to correct the problem as quickly as possible.


Our goal at Squaw Valley is to provide a safe and secure environment for our guests to relax and enjoy the slopes. Unpredictable weather does sometimes cause problems; however, we have taken control of the situation and expect it to cleared up shortly. We will keep our customers updated as more information becomes available.

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Doe Deere and Lime Crime. The New Face of Cosmetics

You may have not heard the name Lime Crime, but its creator, Russian-born entrepreneur Doe Deere’s intriguing story may change that.


In an interview with Guest of a Guest in July 2015, Doe Deere discussed her emigration to New York City in 1998 at the age of 17, and her eventual move to Los Angeles in 2012.


At 13-years-old, she sold temporary tattoos to her schoolmates in Russia, using herself as a model. This was perhaps her introduction to the value of promoting herself to showcase a product.


She had a measure of success as a member of the band, as well as a songwriter and promoter, and met her husband while performing in a band together. She credits her time as a professional musician as teaching her the values of marketing and having a focus on a career.


While living in New York, Doe’s interest in fashion prompted her to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology. Her philosophy that fashion, makeup and hair-style all go hand-in-hand as an expression of ourselves sparked the flame that would later become Lime Crime.


Doe’s creative passion, coupled with her frustration at the lack of bold, bright color palettes, led her to develop a “digital-native” cosmetic company with the unique motto, “Colorful Innovative Make-Up for Women Who Live Unapologetically.” Her innovative style and bold, intense colors certainly capture the essence of that phrase. Doe does, however, admit that having a purely internet-based company poses some unique challenges; however, she seems adept at taking the shortfalls of a purely web-based company and the repercussions from social media in stride.


Also worth noting is all products are certified Vegan and Cruelty-Free by PETA and Leaping Bunny.


Doe, affectionately called “Queen of the Unicorns“, currently resides in Los Angeles, and was recently named one of the Top Inspiring Women Entreprenuers by Self-Made Magazine. Doe’s reaction to this honor seems very characteristic of her personality. She found it “pretty surreal” and hopes she will be a role model to other women starting their own business.

Jason The Great Tech Expert And Futurist

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur who is optimistic and a believer of Internet of Things.

The philanthropist is also a writer and has many articles on the direction of the technology industry. Internet of Things allows several devices to sync with each other. The devices are those that get used in our daily lives. Internet of Things makes the devices increase efficiency, accuracy and eliminate waste. It will make lives safer and will change how businesses operate.

Jason Hope has predicted that major corporations are set to embrace the technology. The companies will create apps for different devices allowing the consumer to live a more convenient life. Connecting devices with each other will improve city life and also change a lot in the rural areas. The Internet of things has helped in public transport and has ensured minimal or no congestion. The shared data may get used in kitchen appliances, electronics and street lights among others. IoT is clearly the future of the modern society.

Jason Hope is passionate about a long and better life, and thus he supports SENS Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to anti-aging processes, preventing and stopping diseases rather than curing. The skilled futurist watches the tech industry and makes a valid prediction on where the industry is going.

Jason Hope has a Bachelor’s degree in Science and a Masters from Arizona State University. He is currently involved in several technology ventures and has written articles that advice individuals and businesses that are hungry for success. The tech expert lives in Arizona and has frequently written for Tech.co.

Real Event Planners Share Their Party-Planning Tips

Throwing an amazing party is no easy task. Between providing awesome food, keeping guests entertained and staying organized, there’s a lot of room for error. With so many crucial elements involved when it comes to pulling off a successful party, it’s no wonder that so many people decide to hire event planners in NYC.


However, not everyone can afford an event planner. That’s why we asked for party-planning tips from real party and corporate event planners in NYC. By following these expert tips, you’ll be able to throw a memorable party and avoid making some classic mistakes that can leave you feeling stressed, drained and unprepared.



  1. Learn How to Use Spreadsheets


Spreadsheet software is free and comes with your computer. Whenever you have to organize lists, this software should be your best friend. By making spreadsheets, you can keep track of to-do lists, guest lists and shopping lists.



  1. Create a Simple Menu


There’s no need to wear yourself out in the kitchen cooking several courses of food for your guests. Some tasty and simple appetizers will do just fine. Try to stick to appetizers that can be prepared the night before so that you won’t be confined to the kitchen when your guests start to arrive.



  1. Let Guests Serve Their Own Beverages


There’s nothing more festive than a fully-stocked self-serve bar. Your guests will be able to loosen up as soon as they see that they can prepare a drink their own way. Be sure to include a variety of liquor, beer and wine. Don’t forget ice!



  1. Create a Theme


If you are having trouble deciding on decor, music and food, try to create a theme that can tie all of these elements together. Pick something that you are familiar with like a classic movie or a decade.



  1. Hire Help


There’s no shame in hiring an event planner to help out with some of the responsibilities. Twenty Three Layers is one of the top event planning companies in NYC and can turn a party of any size into a huge success. They can also provide you with services like live music and professional photography.


Marc Sparks Inventing Better Investment Techniques

Marc sparks is well recognized entrepreneur, when he ventured into the business he has only a high school diploma. He is a successive entrepreneur and venture capitalist and he is constantly strong-minded to target more since he started from the scratch. He is the founder and the CEO of Timber Creek Capital LP.

He proves that a degree or diploma does not actually decide individual success in business but through hard work, effort, confidence one can be able to achieve a lot. His main path of career is telecommunication but he is involved in many other businesses. Currently he has contributed in the developing and introducing several businesses including the Splash Media, Blue Jay Wireless and Cardinal Telecom. He lives in Dallas, Texas.

He is philanthropic apart from being a business man; he has contributed a lot to the society in various ways when he is not working.

He has contributed to many charity projects such as American Can which he distributed thousand laptops and Samaritan Inn which he also helped since 1980s. These have made him to establish worth good homes with better Habitat.

Marc Sparks founded Timber Creek Capital in order to help boost entrepreneurs in starting new businesses to more prosperous company. The organization gives better methods through giving them assets to begin their companies. The main thing that is displayed as a capitalist is to providing money to better entrepreneurs to begin their business.

Timber Creek Capital other staff the give while the entrepreneurs want to begin a business is networking, capital, office space, banking and competence in customer service.

He doesn’t believe in failure because through his experience and expertise he is certain that he is always achieve what he wants, the challenges the other business men have is what generates him to target higher. He supports businesses which have problems in improving by giving them better strategies to prosper.

The prosperity of Marc Sparks parks is brought by adhering through these values competence, belief and firmness. He also encourages entrepreneur to have inventive ideas to direct them when beginning a business and also to follow these rules such as providing distinctive services to the society and also always taking things to the topic.

Marc sparks is writing ‘They Can’t Eat You’ is a book that expresses the journey to success and accomplishing a lot. He also describes certain problems that businessmen face and how to tackle them. He also is very dedicated to transform the community perspective that finishing school does not matter when one to be a successful entrepreneur.

Great Florida Wedding Photo Locations

Both Miami and Orlando, Florida, offer amazing choices for locals or those planning destination weddings.


Give your wedding photos an artistic flair by having them taken in the historic Wynwood Art District. The street murals located there lend themselves beautifully to capturing humorous engagement pictures. The historic Cape Florida Lighthouse is a gorgeous spot to get your photos taken. It is easy to put the lighthouse in the background, and the natural meadows provide a beautiful backdrop.


Consider the immaculately maintained Spanish Mediterranean architecture at Rollins College. In the summer when the blueberries are ripe, Beck’s Blueberry Farm makes a gorgeous setting. Alternatively, bring the magic to life in your wedding photos by having them taken at the Magic Kingdom.

Regardless of where you choose in Florida, give George Street Photos and Videos a call. They will be glad to meet you there.

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The Challenge Of Smart Mobility: Mike Heiligenstein

Building Smarter Cities are becoming an imminent need, not only a trend of choice. With the population boom of the last 50 years, is not slowing down. The rapid and unplanned growth of cities globally has generated a number of challenges that cannot be tackled in a traditional way: insecurity, vulnerability to climate change and natural disasters, increasing the number of vehicles traveling on urban roads, Increased energy consumption, environmental pollution, water and waste management, the need for greater citizen participation and greater efficiency in services, among others.



Also, the current financial constraints of requiring increasingly efficient systems to reduce public spending and increase fiscal revenues. In this sense, our cities must migrate towards an Intelligent City model.



Mike Heiligenstein, executive director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, knows that it is not only a matter of technology and choices but of vital importance to invest and plan for infrastructure that poses as a “make it or break it” element for advancement, especially around the rapid growing suburban areas of Texas. Mike served 23 years as a Central Texas public official in the communities of Round Rock and Williamson County, making him a man that bring an experiences and objective set of skills to the table.



Together with the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, he has been hands-on with every step of the programs: from planning to costs to implementations, making sure that every stage is according to its full potential.



It is not only smarter cities that Mike Heiligenstein wants to see in the future, but he is also convinced that construction ant transportation planning can be more effective and has committed himself to environmental causes and the growth of cities through healthy alternatives to design a modern, regional transportation network for Central Texas.



To ensure the fast-growing communities are kept as effective as possible, Mike Heiligenstein believes that it must rest on a thing as simple as the design, intelligent cars, and an effective street planning. With his vast experience in the sector and his current position, he has lead efforts to expand water, wastewater and transportation infrastructure and mobility, and will continue to support causes to make smart cities smarter and environmentally conscious.

Learn more: http://ibtta.org/sites/default/files/documents/Heiligenstein_Mike_formatted%20with%20Picture_2014.pdf



Contact an Inmate To Stay In Touch Using Securus

Have you been feeling the impact of not being able to contact your loved one due to them being incarcerated? If so, then you may be able to utilize a program that enables you to keep in touch with the closest of your friends, significant others, or family members. Securus Technologies has been created to serve a couple of different purposes. Firstly, it is a form of technology that is enabling people to communicate with one another via means of video conferencing. It is a wonderful tool that is giving those who would have visited the inmate an opportunity to still conduct the visitation session, except without having to actually travel to the jail in this case. This can save them time and money as they are not required to travel any distances to the jail and pay money for gas.


It is way for them to listen to the conversations that are being had between the inmate and the visitor and monitoring whether there is any discussion about current crimes occurring within the facilities. Inmate on inmate crime or even corruption by the jail’s staff members can go uncovered by utilized this newly designed technology that should undoubtedly be utilized in any and every correctional facility. To use this program, you will be required to create an account and log in to get started. The customer service help desk is available to assist you with your needs of scheduling and setting up the program at times that are most convenient for you. Be sure to contact them today so that you may begin your communications session with the inmate you had wished to contact.