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Under normal circumstances, the college basketball season begins in October and end in July. Being a long season, it is a perfect opportunity for basketball fans to make some money, through betting. However, you first need to learn how to wager in college basketball games before you venture into sports betting. When two teams are playing, many of the people betting on the game are more likely to choose the stronger team, if the betting option was only ‘pick to win’. In such a case, the sports books will stand to make huge loses when there are too many bets on a single team. To solve this problem, the sports betting houses have introduced spread bets. In this case, the victory margin for any game is used to determine the winners of the bet. However, there are other wager types offered in basketball betting, some of which include:

– Moneyline
In this wager type, the sports books offer various odds based on which team will win. The moneyline odds offered for college basketball games where strong teams face-off against weaker teams are often very drastic.

– Spread
The teams playing college games are given 24 seconds to score for every possession. As such, the games can turn out to be high scoring affairs. As a result of the high scores, the leading bookmarkers use a spread/line to harmonize the chances of either team winning. While a15+ point spread may be hard to come by in the NFL, they are common in college basketball odds betting.

While these are the two main wager types in college basketball betting, you may also use parlay/teaser, halftime lines and 1st half lines/ quarter wagers to place a bet in college basketball games. Regardless of the type of wager you have decided to use, opting for the best sports books will enhance your chances of winning. In this regard, covers offers the information you need to make an informed decision.

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